FEAST 2018

For Feast 2018, ISK chef Sarah Schafer collaborated with renound chef Traci Des Jardins as part of the Feast dinner series, hosted at Irving St Kitchen.

“When we can bring together mentors and friends at Feast, for a one night, out-of-this-world, inspired collaboration experience, we do. Traci Des Jardins (Jardinière, San Francisco) is a legend who has been celebrated by everyone from the James Beard Foundation to Iron Chef America. Local powerhouse Sarah Schafer (Irving Street Kitchen, Portland) credits Des Jardins as an inspiration who inspired her to own her own successful restaurant. The two will join forces to create a menu that represents their collective experiences, then and now.” - feastportland.com

Chef Schafer also participated in the 80s vs. 90s competition between 20 well known Portland chefs.

“It’s no secret, we’re all obsessed (again) with the 80s and 90s. The permed hair, leg warmers and seven-layer dip are back, and we’ve enlisted the help of 20 of the hottest chefs from Portland and across America to jog your memory with their own unexpected takes on what we ate back then. Set to a cassette-worthy mix of hair bands, grunge and classic hip-hop, you’ll be channeling your inner Michael or Britney in no time. To make things even more interesting, we’ve turned this into a team competition where half the chefs will represent the 80s and the other half the 90s in a throwback cook-off that’s guaranteed to knock your parachute pants off. Maybe your shoulder pads, too.”

Anna Caporael