SWEETS & Starters

Sugar & Spice Donuts 6
Coconut Chocolate Banana Bread 5
Fresh Cranberry Coffee Cake, Vanilla Streusel and Citrus Glaze 3
Buttermilk Biscuits & House Spicy Honey 7
Greek Yogurt, House Granola & Bee Local Honey 7
Short Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes, Whipped Salted Butter & Maple Syrup 9
Cheddar & Bacon Dirty Fries 9

From Eggs to the Griddle

Three Grain Waffle Breakfast Board Sunny Egg*, Irving St Bacon, Maple Syrup 14
Skuna Salmon Gravlox Benedict Biscuits, Poached Eggs*, Tobasco Hollandaise 15
Morrocan Slow Poached Eggs, Grilled Garlic Rubbed Levain* 13
Bellwether Ricotta Texas Toast Spicy Honey, Fresh Pears, Pistachio 13
Our Basic Breakfast Two Eggs Scrambled, Tasso Bacon, Pirates Sourdough Toast, Breakfast Potatoes 13
Smoked Soft Scrambled Egg Nachos Refried Red Beans, Smoky Tomatillo Salsa 15
Garbanzo Bean and Delicata Hash Mushrooms, Balsamic Marinated Cabbage, Poached Egg  14

Sandwiches & Such

Fall Farm Greens, Shaved Vegetables, Roasted Pepper Goddess Dressing, Seeds 11
White Bean & Freekah Vegetable Soup, Hazelnut Pesto 10
Pan Fried Salmon Cakes, Cucumber Salad, Lemon Remoulade* 14
IMPOSSIBLE Patty Melt, Malt Vinegar Onions, Pickles & Iceberg, Miso-Cashew Cheese,
 Harissa Aioli, Cajun Fries, Whiskey Ketchup 15
*Add Fried Egg 2
Crispy Fried Chicken Po' Boy, Buttermilk Coleslaw, Cajun Fries 14
Texas Red Chili, Braised Pork, Smoked Cheddar, Heirloom Hominy, Lime Creme Fraiche 12
*Add Fried Egg 2


Fried Chicken 7
Two Organic Eggs, Your Way 4
Irving St. Andouille Patties 7
Irving St. Kitchen Chicken Jalepeno Sausage
House Smoked Bacon 6
Herbed Breakfast Potatoes 5
Red-Eye Gravy 4
Avocado 2
Fresh Fruit 3

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary


Draft Beer  7

Crux Fermentation Project Oregon

Barley Brown's Beer Ratchet Strap IPA/Oregon

Rosenstadt Brewery Dunkelweizen/Oregon

Mt. Tabor Brewing Kickstand Session IPA/Oregon

Boneyard Bone-A-Fide Pale Ale/Oregon

Bauman's Cider Peach Raspberry/Oregon

Cans + Bottles

PBR 'Tallboy' Lager | Wisconsin 4

Omission Pale Ale (gf) | Oregon  6

Crux Cast Out IPA | Oregon 7

Logsdon Seizeon Bretta | Oregon 14

Portland Cider Company, Apple | Portland, OR 7

Czechvar Lager | Czech Republic 6

Negra Modelo | Mexico 6

Oakshire Sun Made Cucumber Berlier Weisse Sour | Oregon 7

Get 'er Done!

Irving Street Bloody Mary smoked onions, olives 12

Penicillin #2 el himador reposada tequila, lemon, agave, ginger, mezcal vida 13

Fall Colors ransom dry gin, cocchi americano, lemon, orange blossom bitters 12

Cowboy Coffee cold brew coffee, buffalo trace bourbon, ramazzotti, cream 12

Wake Up Call goslings black seal rum, laird's applejack, luxardo amaretto, hot coffee and whipped cream 12

Aperol Spritz aperol, prosecco, soda 13

Rosé All Day lillet rosé , pamplemousse, prosecco, lemon, peychaud's bitters 12

What She's Having cynar, aperol, prosecco, grapefruit 12

Classic Mimosa orange, grapefruit, blueberry ginger shrub 10

White Peach Bellini 10

NA Drinks, Sodas & Such

House Lemonade 5

DRY Soda Vanilla 5

Mexican Coca-Cola 4

Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 5

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer 5

Orange, Grapefruit 5

Cranberry or Tomato 4

Steven Smith Tea

our teas are loose leaf/flower 5

Peppermint Leaves
Chamomile Flower

Mao Feng Shui
Jasmine Silver Tip

Brahmin's Choice
Lord Bergamot