SWEETS & Starters

Sugar & Spice Donuts 6
Basket of Chai Spice Scones, Vanilla Bean Glaze, Honey Curd 6
Buttermilk Biscuits & House Spicy Honey 7
Greek Yogurt & House Granola, Bee Local Honey, Toasted Nuts, Fruits 7
Melted Cheddar Bacon & Stout Poutine, Pulled Smoked Pork Shoulder, Steak Fries 14

From Eggs to the Griddle

Three Grain Waffle Iron Breakfast  Sunny Egg*, Irving St Bacon, Maple Syrup 14
Short Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes Salted Butter, Maple Syrup 9
Skuna Salmon Gravlox Benedict Biscuits, Poached Eggs*, Tobasco Hollandaise 15
Morrocan Slow Poached Eggs*, Grilled Garlic Rubbed Levain 13
Our Basic Breakfast Two Eggs Scrambled, Tasso Bacon, Pirates Sourdough Toast, Breakfast Potatoes 13
Chilaquiles House Mexican Chorizo & Fried Egg*, Smoked Tomatillo Salsa, Three Sisters Tortillas 15
Duck Pastrami Hash Russian Dressing, Sauerkraut 15

Sandwiches & Such

Mixed Farm Greens & Herbs, Nigella Seed Vinaigrette, Thin Sea Salt Crisp 11
Pan Fried Salmon Cakes, Roasted Beets, Brown Buttered Chicories, Red Cabbage Puree, Pickled Mustard Seeds 14
IMPOSSIBLE Patty Melt, Malt Vinegar Onions, Pickles & Iceberg, Miso-Cashew Cheese,
 Harissa Aioli, Cajun Fries, Whiskey Ketchup 15
Crispy Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich, Buttermilk Coleslaw, Lemon Remolaude, Cajun Fries 14
Cuban Sandwich, Pulled Smoked Pork & Maple Smoked Ham, Sour Pickles, Dijonaisse, Green Salad 13
*Add Fried Egg 2
Vegan Jackfruit Cakes Roasted Califlower, Romanesco, Kabocha Squash Puree, Sunny Egg, Golden Raisin, Scallion 14



Two Organic Eggs*, Your Way 4
House Smoked Bacon 6
Crystal Hot Sauce Butter Breakfast Potatoes 5
Cornmeal Battered Pickled Okra, Sriracha Ranch 6
Red-Eye Gravy 4
Fresh Fruit 3

 Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary


Draft Beer  7

Royale Brewery/Pilsner/OR

Heater Allen/Rauchbier Helles Lager/OR

Boneyard Beer/Bone-A-Fide Pale Ale/OR

Ex Novo/Dynamic Duo IPA/OR

Ecliptic Brewing/Capella Porter/OR

Baird & Dewar/Kriek Sour Cherry/OR

Cans + Bottles

PBR 'Tallboy' Lager | Wisconsin 4

Negra Modelo | Mexico 6

pFriem Family Brewing Golden IPA | Oregon 12

Fort George Cavatica Stout | Oregon 8

Tieton Cider Works Apricot | Washington 7 

N/A Bitburger Drive | Delaware 5 

Riverbend Schwenk’s Pilsner | Oregon 6

Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale | Oregon 8

Caldera Ashland Amber | Oregon 7

Get 'er Done!

Irving Street Bloody Mary smoked onion, pickled carrot, chorizo 12

Penicillin #2 el himador reposada tequila, lemon, agave, ginger, mezcal vida 13

Aperol Spritz aperol, prosecco, soda 13

Rosé All Day lillet rosé, pamplemousse, prosecco, lemon, peychaud's bitters 12

Morning Glory becherovka + licor 43 + amaro nonino orange + bitters + hot coffee + whipped cream 12

Classic Mimosa orange, grapefruit 10

“But Did You Die?” The Hangover
aria gin + salted cucumber shrub + lime + celery bitters + soda 12


NA Drinks, Sodas & Such

House Lemonade 5

DRY Soda Cherry or Cucumber 5

Mexican Coca-Cola 4

Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 5

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer 5

Orange, Grapefruit 5

Cranberry or Tomato 4

Steven Smith Tea

Our teas are loose leaf/flower 5

Peppermint Leaves, Herbal Infusion, Caffeine Free
Chamomile Flower, Herbal Infusion, Caffiene Free

Mao Feng Shui, Fresh, Sweet, Green Tea
Jasmine Silver Tip, Delicate green Tea 

Brahmin's Choice, Floral and Smoky, Black Tea
Lord Bergamot, Earl Grey, Black Tea